Bonus #1: Mother Daughter

One of the inspirations for 60x365 is a similar project called Dance-A-Day by Boris Willis. As the name implies, this is a podcast where a new dance video is posted every day. These are wonderfully varied and embrace the act of creation without worrying about whether a masterpiece is being created. Boris describes this motivation in his Pre-Futurist Manifesto:

Performance happens now, it does not have to secure funding, book a theater or advertise in newspapers. It does not need rehearsal space. It does not need a concept. It does not need to last for more than a second. It does not need to be ephemeral. It does not need flowy pants, tight tops or bare feet. It does not need previews, reviews or even to be seen at all.

We've agreed to collaborate regularly on his posts, exchanging music and video, and taking turns in the lead. All of the music I create for these collaborations will also appear here. In cases where the video being scored is longer than a minute, the music will be classified as a bonus track so as not to upset the 60-second imperative I've laid out for myself.

The first collaboration, Mother Daughter, can be seen here.



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