November 2007 is "Listener Appreciation Month"

If you would like to participate in Listener Appreciation Month here at 60x365 all you need to do is provide an idea for a one-minute piece that you would like to hear. Your suggestions can be as specific as "compress the entire Sgt. Pepper's album into a minute", or as general as "make something fun with Rush Limbaugh's voice". Or, if you're uncomfortable suggesting a sound source, you can provide a poem, or a picture, or even a video for me to respond to.

When I use your idea, I will credit you by name and, if you want, provide a link to your webpage or myspace profile or whatever other online presence you maintain. My goal is to collect enough ideas so that every day in November can feature a listener suggestion. Please send you ideas to me via email @ _or_ by posting a comment on this page.

Thank you.


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