October 3, 2007

Speed - I'm working on a piece that elongates an existing piece of music via a predetermined repetition of notes and phrases over time. The repetition scheme is, by itself, not particularly interesting. The effect it has on the music extended by it is quite enchanting (I'm deliberately leaving the details of the scheme out of this post, sorry.)

However, what was a 1.5 minute song ends up extending for over 40 minutes. To compemsate for this I am experimenting with different tempos. As I push the tempo upwards to 500 beats-per-minute, the individual notes begin to blur together. At this tempo the total length is now closer to 14 minutes (still on the longish side). As I sat contemplating this problem I decided to see if I could make it last only a single minute. At 6600 bpm I made it happen.

Today's post is this one-minute version. When the longer version is finished, I will post it as a bonus track...

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