November 6, 2007

Miss Him continues to explore yesterday's theme: the mysterious clues surrounding the supposed death of Beatle Paul McCartney. Today's piece uses excerpts from two tracks on the legendary White Album, I'm So Tired and Revolution 9.

In Revolution 9, there are several clues. The number nine may refer to McCartney, the only band member with a nine-letter name. A voice can be heard saying "thrust between his shoulder blades." Another voice can be heard saying "so the wife called, and we better go see a surgeon". When played backward, the voice saying "number nine" seems to say "turn me on, dead man." Plus there's the noisy sound of an apparent car crash, complete with a voice yelling "let me out".

At the end of I'm So Tired there is a mumbling voice. When reversed it seems to say "Paul is dead. Miss him, miss him, miss him." Decide for yourself.

Like yesterday, this piece comes from a suggestion by my uncle Edward "Skip" Morneau.

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