June 24, 2008

Rock-Gut -- I found out last Thursday that NPR wants to do a story about 60x365 on All Things Considered. Very exciting. So today I went to the NPR studio here in New York to tape an interview with Robert Siegel. It was a lot of fun, he's very gracious and patient. The experience was extremely surreal. He was in the studio in DC so I only heard him. Since he speaks very naturally on air there's no perceptible difference in his voice between when he's making small talk and when he's conducting the interview. It was very much like having a conversation with my radio. (Even stranger was getting to sit next to Jason Bateman in the reception area before being interviewed.)

The point to this story is that I've been extremely nervous for the past two days. More than your basic nervous, a real stressed-out-rock-in-my-gut kind of nervous. So for today's piece I wanted to celebrate not feeling that way anymore by making music that sounds like it.

(Right now my interview is scheduled to air on Monday, June 30. And no, I don't know when Jason Bateman's interview will air...)

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