February 29, 2008 (Leap Day)

There is no new 60-second piece for today. If there was this project would need to be called 60x366, which it's not.

Instead I am posting two other pieces today, each of which is built from earlier one-minute postings. The archives of 60x365 have become a kind of menu that I can use for collaborations and commissions. These pieces were each created for specific performances, using the 60x365 archives as a source for material.

First is a piece called Twine [listen]. I made it for dancer/choreographer Kristin Hapke using five earlier pieces: Simple Sin(e) 1, Simple Sin(e) 2, Stasis, Glass Canon, and Here, I'll Play It Again.

The second piece is called Creamy Pink Thrill [listen]. It started as Boop Boop Beep and evolved into a Gameboy performance piece.


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